Our New Tian-tsui Collection is Coming Soon

Our New Tian-tsui Collection is Coming Soon

Tian-tsui is a style of Chinese art featuring kingfisher feathers. For 2,000 years, the Chinese have been using the iridescent blue feathers of kingfisher birds as an inlay for fine art objects and adornment, from hairpins, headdresses, and fans to panels and screens. While Western art collectors have focused on other areas of Chinese art including porcelain, lacquer ware, sculpture, cloisonné, silk and paintings, kingfisher art is relatively unknown outside of China.

Kingfisher feathers are painstakingly cut and glued onto gilt silver. The effect is like cloisonné, but no enamel was able to rival the electric blue colour. Blue is the traditional favourite Royale colour in Chinese`s tradition.



AJ co-operates with Xinyu Wang, combining modern design with historical authenticity to integrate contemporary art. Emerging the most of Eastern  aesthetics, the designed artistic jewellery is suitable for modern people. To let them have a hint of newborn to their lifes whilst inheriting historical culture.




The progress of science and technology, as well as the continuous updating of technology, is a benefit to us.

We utilize fake feathers or other deteriorated feathers of birds to safeguard the environment and the living space of animals. As a result, we are able to offer you with traditional Chinese pride.