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      Exquisite Collection of Gold Diamond Necklaces Australia

      Make a sparkling statement with our exclusive range of real diamond necklaces. From exquisite, handcrafted designs of a gold diamond necklace in Australia to a simple diamond pendant necklace, our collection boasts some stunning pieces.

      The shine of diamond jewellery lasts a lifetime. And a diamond set makes a wonderful addition to every woman’s high end jewellery collection. At Angela Jewellery, we have always prided ourselves on creating bespoke designs that are truly unique. We bring you some exquisite pieces of diamond necklaces in Melbourne.

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      Trending Designs for Diamond Chain Necklace

      Diamonds are precious - the rarest of gems in this world. All women desire to own at least one single diamond necklace. They look elegant and give you an air of style and sophistication.

      The strength and toughness of diamonds make them suitable for regular wear. Angela Fashion Jewellery creates unique pieces of diamond necklaces in Australia that are beautiful and durable. Our custom diamond necklaces are enchanting to look at and can also withstand daily wear.

      Discover our wide range of gold and diamond necklaces, designer diamond necklaces, diamond chain necklaces, white gold diamond necklaces, diamond pendant necklaces for women, diamond necklaces with pearls, and layered diamond necklaces.

      No matter what style or pattern you’re looking for, we have a credible mix of timeless pieces and modern designs. From a complete diamond set with necklace and diamond earrings to a sleek diamond pendant necklace, from a rose gold diamond necklace to a simple diamond chain necklace, you can choose from plenty of options.

      At Angela Jewellery, our masterful artisans have created the best diamond necklaces in Australia that are an amalgamation of unique designs and high creativity. We use the highest quality materials to build jewellery pieces that are timeless and sophisticated.

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      Why Choose Us?

      1. Excellent Craftsmanship

      We use gemstones that are specially handpicked and carefully selected by our master artisans. We aim to manufacture exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces that last you a lifetime. We create stunning and intricate pieces of jewellery without compromising our quality.

      2. Bespoke Jewellery

      We create one-of-a-kind unique jewellery pieces. Our artisans specialise in making bespoke jewellery designs you will not find anywhere else. Creating captivating jewellery designs is our passion, and we rely on state-of-the-art technology to manufacture jewellery pieces that are exquisite to look at.

      3. Ethically Sourced & Made

      All our jewellery pieces are 100% Australian-made. All our materials, from diamonds to gemstones, are responsibly sourced. We solely use Fairtrade Gold and Conflict-free diamonds. Our policy is to make jewellery with integrity.

      4. Last a Lifetime

      All our jewellery pieces are designed to last you a lifetime. When you buy from Angela Jewellery, you return home with a new heirloom. Our finely crafted jewellery is made from the finest materials and can be proudly passed down from generation to generation.


      Angela Jewellery is a trusted and well-reputed brand offering beautiful diamond necklaces in Melbourne. We have exquisite craftsmanship and use ethically sourced, highest-quality materials to create fine pieces of jewellery that captivate you at first sight. All our products are made in Australia and designed to last a lifetime.

      When it comes to diamond necklace trends, simple chains with solitaire pendants are quite popular. White gold diamond necklaces are also in demand for their simplicity and minimalism. A real diamond necklace with bright-coloured pendants is also an excellent choice for gifting to someone.

      Typically, 16 to 18 inches is the appropriate length for a diamond necklace if you want to make a statement with your piece. Between 16-18 inches, the necklace should sit daintily around your collarbones and catch the eye of all.

      The style and design of the necklace, the cut of the diamond, and the metal of the chain used are some of the basic factors to consider when buying a diamond necklace. The most important thing is that you should like what you buy. Only purchase a necklace when you are happy with its style and pattern.