Pearl & Fashion Winter Trunk Show

Pearl & Fashion Winter Trunk Show

Pearl is the month of June birthstone, symbolising perfection and happiness. Guests was invited at The Gables in Melbourne to participate in the Pearl & Fashion Winter Trunk Show by two designers, Angela Hu and Viceta Wang. 

The event was chosen in the southeastern part of Melbourne, a 1902 Victorian manor, The Gables, whose elegant design is its charm, and this trait is in line with our theme.

Princess Diana once said, "If a woman can only have one piece of jewellery, it must be a pearl."

Pearl jewellery always the best choice to match any outfit.


As a high-end jewellery custom brand, Angela Jewellery Australia believes that each of our designs can make the styling more refined and increase their personality. We have always focused on quality and design. Show your beauty with the possibility of matching.