Exceptional Gemstones, Exclusive Designs and Expert Craftsmanship are the foundation of Angela Jewellery Australia. Angela HU, the Founder of the brand grew up with a great passion in gemstones and the art of jewellery design.  In order to match her impeccable designs, every gemstone has to be handpicked and carefully selected by herself which are crafted by our sublime jewellery artisans. 

ANGELA JEWELLERY AUSTRALIA was founded in 2015, we offer Bespoke High-End Collection and now expanding our Contemporary Collection. We ensure our fine jewellery creations always provide timeless beauty and superlative craftsmanship that will always be treasured.

In 2019, Angela Jewellery Australia released our sub-brand AJ BY ANGELA JEWELLERY. It is the continuation of Angela Jewellery's exquisite craftsmanship & unique design while embracing the fashion elements, making it more suitable for everyday wear.

Every pieces made by AJ BY ANGELA JEWELLERY is made of Sterling Silver, Gold-Plated Sterling Silver & Good quality Fresh Water Pearls. Inspired by geometric graphics, we highlight women's self-awareness and beauty. 

AJ BY ANGELA JEWELLERY aims to be the first choice for all stylish, elegant and charming women when they shop for good quality fashion jewellery.